Call Of Duty Camouflage Cake Tutorial

Hi Everyone

This weekend I had the pleasure of making my nephew Dominik’s birthday cake. I am not a professional baker at all. It’s just something I enjoy doing these days. I am new in the cake world; this was my third themed cake. So this cake was a challenge for me. Dominik wanted a Call of Duty cake. I had no idea what Call of Duty was so he filled me in. He also said he wanted it covered in camouflage. Looks easy right? Not so much. But if I can do it, so can you.

This week I researched on the internet about camouflage cakes and anything Call of Duty. I showed Dom some pictures and he picked out this picture for the cake.


Clearly I cropped out the guns and just used the skull. What kind of aunt would I be if I didn’t?

He also wanted C O D and ELITE written on his cake aswell.

I went to this wicked baking supplies store by my house and bought some food colouring gel. I purchased Forest Green for the camouflage. And Black for the writing and camouflage. While I was there I saw this great sanding sugar and thought I could incorporate it into the cake aswell.  The colours I purchased were silver and black.

Friday morning I started out baking the cake. I used Cake man Ravens Southern Red Velvet Cake recipe. I have used it many times before and it always produces a moist, delicious cake. My secret to this cake is to add 3 tbsp. of cocoa powder instead of the recommended amount.

I gathered my ingredients and started cracking.

First I greased and flowered my two 9 ” cake pans. Make sure to knock out that extra flour!


Next add the dry ingredients together in a large bowl and mix well.


In a separate bowl add the wet ingredients and the food coloring. Mix.



Slowly add the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients and mix just until incorporated. Look at that gorgeous red!!


Evenly distribute the batter into the prepared cake pans.

Pop into the preheated 350 degree oven for about 25 minutes or until a cake tester inserted in the centre comes out clean.

Take the cakes out of the oven and let them rest for 15 minutes.


Invert the cakes onto a cooling rack and let cool completely. You may also pop them into the fridge or freezer for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.


While the cakes are in the freezer, prepare your frosting. I made Cake Man Ravens Cream Cheese Icing.


Now is the time that you want to get all your frosting made for the Camouflage. I used store-bought white buttercream frosting from the baking supplies shop near my house. Whip up your frosting and separate into 3 bowls. In one bowl add some black gel food coloring. You are going to want this a dark black. In the second bowl add some forest green colouring to the icing. And the third bowl I added forest green and yellow for a lighter green look. Set aside.

For this cake I made my own stencil of the skull picture I printed out from the internet. It was a bit flimsy but it did the job. There are plenty of how to videos on making your own stencil if you don’t know how.


The next step is to take the cake out of the freezer and level out the top with a knife. I did this to both cakes that had a rounded top.

I placed a small amount of frosting on my cake board to make sure the cake was stable. Place the cake on the frosting.


I then iced the top of this cake with about 1/2 a cup of cream cheese frosting. I then placed the other cake on top of that one and iced the top in a thin coat as well. Then continue to lightly frost the sides of the cake. This is called the “crumb coat.” It seals in all the crumbs so when you do the final coat you get a nice smooth finish.


I let my little manJayden, help his mamma with the crumb  coat…awww cute!


When you are done with the “crumb coat” place the cake back in the freezer for about 30 minutes.

Take it out of the freezer and do your final coat of Cream Cheese frosting. When you have finished the final coat, grab a scrap piece of paper and cut it in half. Place the paper on the sides of the cake and slightly bend the paper to scrap off any extra frosting. Start from the bottom and work your way up to the top of the cake. Do this all the way around the cake to get a smooth look.


Next I placed the cake back into the freezer or fridge for about 15 minutes to harden the frosting a bit.

Take the cake out and grab the stencil. Lightly spray the top of the stencil with vegetable oil spray to prevent the sand from falling onto your cake when you lift the stencil off.

Place the stencil on the cake. Dust the sand around the stencil for your desired look. This was hard for me because my stencil was flimsy.

I started with the black dusting and then the silver dusting for the outer part of the skull. Lift the stencil off lightly.


Fix any imperfections with a toothpick.

Now it is time to get your prepared buttercream frosting out and fill your piping bags. I used a round tip for the lettering.

I started with the ELITE. I did this free hand. Which I regret now. If I was smart I would have used a stencil for this aswell.


I then went on to do the C O D.

When I was done the lettering I dipped my finger in cornstarch and smoothed out the lettering as much as possible.

Now for the camouflage.

I started with the forest green camouflage and did puzzle shapes in different areas of my cake. I piped it with a wide round tip.


Then onto the black camouflage. I connected the black with the green aswell.


And last, the lighter green camouflage. I filled in the rest with this.

This step is very important. Do not skip this step. Let the buttercream crust. Either leave it on the counter for about 45 minutes or pop into the fridge. You will know its crusted when you touch it with your finger and it doesn’t stick.

Once hard, apply the VIVA METHOD  to the cake. I did not have any VIVA paper towels so I used parchment paper.

I started with the top of the cake. I used my flat hand and fingers to gently smooth it out. I then used my offset spatula. Normally you would use a fondant smoother but I did not have one. Keep smoothing until it lifts off nice. It takes a while.



When that’s done, continue to the sides of the cake. Again, this does take a while to perfect it.


If there are still some bumps or spaces in between your icing, you can do what I did. I used my finger dipped in cornstarch method to smooth the rest out.

When done your cake should look something like this.


My next step was to fill in the lettering with some black sanding to make it stand out. I did this freehand and with a toothpick.

I then proceeded to outline the lettering in brown piping gel.



Once I finished the cake I cleaned my board with some damp paper towel. I then piped a border around the cake.

I also added HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOMINIK onto the cake board for some extra pizzazz.

Finally it is finished. If I can do it so can you.

It wasn’t my best cake but I was proud when I finished. And I learned a few new tricks and techniques!

If I were to make a cake like this again, I think I would have made or purchased a better stencil, then did the buttercream method with the stencil for a nice professional finish. I would also use a stencil for the lettering as well. Other than that I loved it. It turned out so moist and not too sweet!

Dominik was impressed and that’s all that matters:)

Let me know what you guys think! If you have any questions or suggestions I would love to hear them 🙂


Barbie Princess Cake Tutorial

IMG_1351 IMG_1352 IMG_1353 576941_10151529252791075_1288965839_n

My niece Marisol had her 5th birthday party a couple of months ago. I offered to do the cake for her as her birthday present. She was so set on having a Princess cake I just couldnt Refuse. I set out and looked online for some tutorials and recipes. For this cake I used a Pyrex Glass bowl, and 3  8″ cake pans. I made 2 different cake recipes for this one. One was a sprinkles cake recipe (i will post later) and the other was a chocolate cake recipe (again I will post later).

For the Sprinkles cake I made the batter and divided it in the Pyrex bowl and 1 of the 8″ cake pans. The other 2 8″ pans were divided among the Chocolate Cake batter. I baked them in the oven at 350 degrees until a cake tester inserted came out clean. I then let them cool on a wire rack for about 30 minutes.

After they were cooled down I inverted them onto a flat plate each. I then put them into the freezer for an hour. When they were in the freezer I proceeded to make my frosting. For this cake I made 3 frostings. The first one I made was a marshmallow frosting. The second was a classic buttercream. And the third was a chocolate fudge filling.

When the frostings were done I separated them into different bowls. For the marshmallow frosting I kept half white and in separate bowls I dyed 1 a lavender purple and the other a bright yellow. I also dyed for my crumb coat a fushia pink.

For the buttercream frosting I dyed some bright yellow and the other a lavender purple.

And finally for the Chocolate fudge filling I left it as is.

When the hour was up I took the cakes out of the freezer and used a circle cookie cutter and cut a hole in the centre of each cake.

Next I spread some of my chocolate fudge frosting onto my cake board to secure the cake. Then I placed the first 8″ round cake onto the frosting and secured it. I then frosted the top of that with some chocolate fudge frosting, leaving the sides untouched. I continued this with the second and third layers. I then inverted the pyrex bowl layer onto the top and centred it to match all the holes.

I placed the cake back into the freezer for 45 minutes just so it would harden up a bit. I took it out of the freezer and started my “crumb” coat (a crumb coat is a thin layer of frosting to secure all the crumbs, so when you do your final frosting you get a nice clean look). For the “crumb coat” I used the lavender purple buttercream. I then put it into the freezer again for about 30-40 minutes.

I took it out of the freezer and placed slices of parchment paper around the sides so i could get a nice clean finish when I take it off.

Now it is time to do your final coat of buttercream lavender frosting. I start from the top and work my way down until the bottom. Next Smooth out the icing.

A great tip for getting a smooth finish on the final coat of frosting is to use a sliced piece of scrap paper and start from the bottom and curl the paper and go all the way up to get a smooth finish.

Now its time to get creative. You can go about now and use whatever frosting you want and pipe what ever design you can think of on the dress. I decided to go for a pillow-y back to make it look more layered then i split it in the front and did come flowers and some borders. I also added flower candies and it tied into the dress so well.

There is no rule here! Do whatever you want. When you are done creating your design take the parchment paper off the bottom and insert the Barbie doll in the centre. After that you are going to what to do a design around the waist to tie the dress and the boddess together. I bought a Barbie doll with a painted on boddess and i just started from there!

Let me know what you guys think! Happy Baking!

Elmo Cake Creation

My son Jayden turned two this year. I cannot believe how fast that came! For his second birthday I wanted to do an elmo cake since he just love love loves elmo! I should let you know that this was the first birthday character cake I have ever made. I just started baking over 2 years ago. I have taught myself everything. Ive always been a good cook but never a baker. So for this cake I wanted it to be perfect. Because it was my first cake I decided to stay on the safe side and do a mold cake. I purchased this mold from a great baking shop near my house.

elmo mold

So first I wanted to get a really good cake recipe for the cake. I picked the extreme chocolate cake recipe from (I’ll post a link to this later) So I made the batter and baked the cake in the mold. I inverted it onto my cake board and put it in the freezer to cool for 1 hour.

While it was in the freezer i went ahead and made a butter cream icing for the cake. I would recommend using 2 recipes of the same butter cream recipe because I found I needed more icing with just 1.  I used the best butter cream frosting recipe from food network. I will post the recipe later.

After I finished making  the frosting I divided it into 4 bowls. In the first bowl I put about 1/2 of the icing in for the red hair. For this I added the red food coloring gel and mixed until I got the desired color.

In the next bowl I added about 1/4 a cup of icing for the nose. I added 3 drops of yellow liquid food coloring and 1 drop of red liquid food coloring to get a bright orange color and mixed.

In the next bowl I added about a 1/4 cup of icing and to that added the black gel food coloring and mixed well.

In the last bowl I added the left over icing. I did not use food coloring because this was for the eyes.

When I had all of my frosting ready I took the cake out of the freezer.

I started with the mouth. I outlined it first with the black icing using a small round tip. I then filled in the mouth with the black icing and spread it smooth with my finger dipped in corn starch (such a great tip!)

Next I went onto the nose. I took the orange icing and outlined the nose first using a small round tip. I then filled in the nose with the same tip as well as using my finger dipped in corn starch for a nice smooth finish.


When I was done the nose I went onto the eyes. I got my white icing and outlined the eyes first. Again, I took my finger dipped in cornstarch and spread it evenly. I found the eyes to be the most intensive part since I wanted it to look really smooth and perfect!

When that white was all filled in I went on to do the pupils. Because I wanted a perfect circle I used a small cap I had lying around and placed it on the spot I wanted the pupil. I then outlined the circle with my black frosting and took the circle off. I filled in the circle and once again smoothed it out with my finger dipped in cornstarch. Just a little side note here…i found having one dry and one wet towel around really helped instead of constantly  getting up to wipe my hands..


Last but not least the fun part: The hair. Because I have limited cake decorating supplies ,(im waiting for hubby to buy me my ultimate cake decorating set from wilton..wink, wink, nudge, nudge) I used the star tip for the hair. Normally you would want to use the hair one. But I found the star tip worked out pretty good! So I attached the star tip and pressed down on the cake and straight up quickly to get a hair look. I did this all around the outline of the cake first, then filled in the middle. And pow! Done!


Just to let you guys know the pictures for this tutorial where from my tester cake. I always make a tester cake because I am not that experienced with baking character cakes. I don’t think I got any photos of the actual cake but it turned out much better!

It turned out a success and my son just loved it! Plus the good thing is even thougt I spent about 20 bucks on the mold I will use it again since my sister and sister-in-law are both pregnant with boys! So all in all I think it was worth the time,effort and money to build this cake:)

I also made these cute last-minute cupcakes for my son because he also LOVES the cookie monster. 🙂


Can you tell he loved them? 😉

IMG_1376 IMG_1373