A list of my favorite websites for new recipes

I am always in search for a new recipe.

I like to mix things up a lot around our household. I love to look at different sites and look at reviews of recipes. But sometimes I do not look at the reviews if I like the way a recipe sounds. I just tweak it to meet my tastes. Over the years of googling recipes, I have come up with a great list of awesome sites with the best recipes!

I also save every recipe I try just incase I love it. I then add it into my recipe box to put in my family’s dinner rotation.

Here is a list of my favorite websites for great recipes.

Let me know your favorite recipes or websites.

I’m always on the hunt =)


1.  Allrecipes.com

They have a great site that is easy to navigate. I love the reviews and ratings section. I also love how the readers post their tweaks and twists to the recipes for some new ideas. There is also a great feature that lets you put ingredients you have on hand into the Recipe builder for a quick meal suggestion! Here are some of my favorite recipes






2. Skinnytaste.com

Fantastic recipes. When I started watching what I ate I found this website. It saved me from the boring, bland diet food I envisioned.A great thing about her recipes is that they have all of the calories and such listed. Seriously, this girl can cook and on a great calorie limit. Some of my favorite recipes from Gina that I have tried are





Check out her site guys. I promise you only good things!


3. Foodnetwork.com

This one is a no brainer. If you want a great recipe from a celebrity chef, then this is your site. Plus they have reviews and a rating system. You cannot go wrong. Some of my favorite recipes from here are







Just looking at these pictures makes me want to cook!

I hope you guys check out some of the recipes above. Add your own twist and see what you come up with!

Happy Hunting..


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