my upcoming projects…

So im super excited for the next few weeks coming up here.

I am going to have some wicked full on tutorials for you guys to check out.

On Saturday it is my nephew Dominik’s 10th birthday party and I got asked to make his cake! This one is a bit out of my world but I’m sure I’ll pull it off. For Dom’s cake he would really like a Call Of Duty Black Ops 11 cake. I clearly have no clue what call of duty is but I have been filled in.

I did a little research late last night and found some awesome stencils for the top of the cake. I will be doing this cake in all icing and a red velvet cake mix. My sister said she did not want any fondant (which I am very pleased with) so it’s up to me to make it look its best with just icing. I plan to do the cake in 3 9 ” round baking pans with a cream cheese centre. I havent yet decided on the icing or the colors but I have a day to figure that part out.

So i’m super excited to give you a step by step tutorial for this cake since I could not find one on the internet at all! I will be posting pictures and an easy step by step process from start to finish. Stay tuned for this post on friday or saturday!

Also, in 2 weeks I have my little sister Julia’s babyshower to plan.

I will let you know my secrets to planning a baby shower on a budget, some cute dyi ideas and some fun party games for the mom to be.  And of course a step by step cake tutorial of her baby shower cake. But I cannot reveal what exactly I am going to do for this cake because she might be reading this! So it’s on the down low for now. Stay tuned for this post in the next week or so:)

And finally I have my nephew Lincoln’s birthday party in May and I am making his Batman/Superhero cake. His mother asked me to make a small batman round cake and some cupcakes with some superhero logos on them. I am so excited for this because I can definitely get creative. So these step by step tutorials will be posted in about 3 weeks.

I would love to hear some ideas from you guys for cakes or cupcakes. Let me know what is your favorite red velvet recipe? I’ll show you mine sooon….


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