Elmo Cake Creation

My son Jayden turned two this year. I cannot believe how fast that came! For his second birthday I wanted to do an elmo cake since he just love love loves elmo! I should let you know that this was the first birthday character cake I have ever made. I just started baking over 2 years ago. I have taught myself everything. Ive always been a good cook but never a baker. So for this cake I wanted it to be perfect. Because it was my first cake I decided to stay on the safe side and do a mold cake. I purchased this mold from a great baking shop near my house.

elmo mold

So first I wanted to get a really good cake recipe for the cake. I picked the extreme chocolate cake recipe from allrecipes.com (I’ll post a link to this later) So I made the batter and baked the cake in the mold. I inverted it onto my cake board and put it in the freezer to cool for 1 hour.

While it was in the freezer i went ahead and made a butter cream icing for the cake. I would recommend using 2 recipes of the same butter cream recipe because I found I needed more icing with just 1.  I used the best butter cream frosting recipe from food network. I will post the recipe later.

After I finished making  the frosting I divided it into 4 bowls. In the first bowl I put about 1/2 of the icing in for the red hair. For this I added the red food coloring gel and mixed until I got the desired color.

In the next bowl I added about 1/4 a cup of icing for the nose. I added 3 drops of yellow liquid food coloring and 1 drop of red liquid food coloring to get a bright orange color and mixed.

In the next bowl I added about a 1/4 cup of icing and to that added the black gel food coloring and mixed well.

In the last bowl I added the left over icing. I did not use food coloring because this was for the eyes.

When I had all of my frosting ready I took the cake out of the freezer.

I started with the mouth. I outlined it first with the black icing using a small round tip. I then filled in the mouth with the black icing and spread it smooth with my finger dipped in corn starch (such a great tip!)

Next I went onto the nose. I took the orange icing and outlined the nose first using a small round tip. I then filled in the nose with the same tip as well as using my finger dipped in corn starch for a nice smooth finish.


When I was done the nose I went onto the eyes. I got my white icing and outlined the eyes first. Again, I took my finger dipped in cornstarch and spread it evenly. I found the eyes to be the most intensive part since I wanted it to look really smooth and perfect!

When that white was all filled in I went on to do the pupils. Because I wanted a perfect circle I used a small cap I had lying around and placed it on the spot I wanted the pupil. I then outlined the circle with my black frosting and took the circle off. I filled in the circle and once again smoothed it out with my finger dipped in cornstarch. Just a little side note here…i found having one dry and one wet towel around really helped instead of constantly  getting up to wipe my hands..


Last but not least the fun part: The hair. Because I have limited cake decorating supplies ,(im waiting for hubby to buy me my ultimate cake decorating set from wilton..wink, wink, nudge, nudge) I used the star tip for the hair. Normally you would want to use the hair one. But I found the star tip worked out pretty good! So I attached the star tip and pressed down on the cake and straight up quickly to get a hair look. I did this all around the outline of the cake first, then filled in the middle. And pow! Done!


Just to let you guys know the pictures for this tutorial where from my tester cake. I always make a tester cake because I am not that experienced with baking character cakes. I don’t think I got any photos of the actual cake but it turned out much better!

It turned out a success and my son just loved it! Plus the good thing is even thougt I spent about 20 bucks on the mold I will use it again since my sister and sister-in-law are both pregnant with boys! So all in all I think it was worth the time,effort and money to build this cake:)

I also made these cute last-minute cupcakes for my son because he also LOVES the cookie monster. 🙂


Can you tell he loved them? 😉

IMG_1376 IMG_1373



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